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Stability and speed!

Our data centres provide excellent connectivity. As a customer, this gives you outstanding options to connect your equipment to the outside world. We are operator-neutral for customers with special requirements. At our data centres you can easily connect via our metropolitan area network ODFs.


IP transit
High-performance connection to the outside world with high reliability. You can choose flexibly between speeds of anywhere from 10Mbit to 40Gbit.

Dark fibre
If you have unique needs, we offer dark fibre. It is a point-to-point link with high capacity. We have the fibre, you own the equipment that connects to it. This lets you make your own decisions about equipment, capacity and wavelengths.

Wavelength is a smart, cost-effective option if you require very high bandwidth.
Our Wavelength Service puts a dedicated transmission channel in the HighSec fibre optic network at your disposal.

Layer2 / WAN
Link all of your business locations directly to your rack with us in a single network.

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