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About us

HighSec operates high-security data centres in a climate-smart manner. We design, build and manage data centres that comply with the most stringent security classes and efficiency standards currently in force. Our goal is for you to have access to your equipment around the clock, 365 days a year. Choose one of our local data centres for quick and convenient access to your equipment. As both your requirement and the climate are important to us, we only invest in sustainable solutions for our customers.

Our values


Business concept

To deliver security and service to our customers. To have the most satisfied customers in the industry by delivering attractive data centre solutions at competitive prices, based on development, high quality of service and punctuality.


Our core business comprises integrated data centre operations driven by state-of-the-art technology. We work actively to stay at the technological forefront. We tailor our offerings to suit the individual customer’s needs. This allows us to deliver the most efficient data centre services.

Environmental profile

Our thinking is green and our work is climate-smart, with the environment in focus. We emphasise high-quality tools and market-leading products – wherever possible, all of these products must also be eco-labeled. We always try to steer our purchasing toward more environmentally-friendly alternatives. And it goes without saying that we only use green electricity from renewable energy sources.

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